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Efficient elimination of tumor cells


Easy intravenous delivery

Our mission is to deliver breakthrough cancer immunotherapies. Our passionate team is working towards improving and prolonging the lives of cancer patients. With a focus on research, translation, clinical development, manufacturing, and commercialization, we are committed to provide safe and effective tumor therapy.

About Us

We are an interdisciplinary team focused on providing breakthrough immunotherapies for cancer patients.

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FUSIX Technology

We are developing on a cutting-edge immuno-oncolytic therapy platform.

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We are currently seeking investors to support manufacturing and a first clinical study of our lead candidate, FUB101.

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Fusix platform

The Fusix platform consists of a portfolio of immuno-oncolytic products, a variety of targeted tumor indications, and the development of a biomarker identification platform for patient selection and companion diagnostics.

Combination Therapies

Our data indicate that the Fusix technology can reprogram the immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment to enable other immunotherapeutics to be more effective in combination approaches.


We are continuously working on the development of next generation viruses containing therapeutic transgenes that are optimized for immunotherapeutic efficiency and combination therapy.

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