At Fusix Biotech we’re pioneering the next generation of breakthrough cancer immunotherapies. Driven by science and fueled by purpose to improve patient lives, we’re harnessing the full potential of oncolytic viruses with our proprietary InFUSE platform.


Enhancing quality of life


Efficient tumor cell elimination


Easy intravenous delivery

Our team of dedicated researchers, clinicians and industry experts is united in our mission to develop safe, effective and accessible treatments for cancer. With a deep understanding of the complexities of oncology, we’re adding new possibilities to the fight against cancer. 


Our team

Fusix Biotech GmbH is a Munich based start-up founded in 2022. The management team is comprised of the four visionary founders who bring a wealth of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to Fusix Biotech. Read more …

The Fusix approach is based on a proprietary best-in-class oncolytic virus platform that offers multiple therapeutic mechanisms to destroy the tumor. These include, but are not limited to the following aspects. Read more …

Our approach

Our platform

The InFUSE™ platform represents a groundbreaking technology that is distinguished by its exceptional efficacy with significant oncolytic activity, and potent immune-stimulatory properties mediated by fusogenic cell death, all combined with an excellent safety profile. Read more …

Fusix Biotech

Whether you are an investor looking to make a meaningful impact, or a partner interested in collaborating on the next breakthrough in oncology, we invite you to join us in our fight against cancer through fusion. Explore our website to learn more or contact us.