InFUSE™ Platform

The InFUSE™ platform represents a groundbreaking technology that is distinguished by its exceptional efficacy with significant oncolytic activity, and potent immune-stimulatory properties mediated by fusogenic cell death, all combined with an excellent safety profile. Engineered with precision, the InFUSE™ platform is based on a unique hybrid virus construct that combines the advantageous features of two clinically validated oncolytic viral vectors, designed to leverage maximal therapeutic effects with an optimal safety profile.

The InFUSE™ platform is designed with manufacturability in mind, utilizing GMP-compliant, scalable production processes and quality control measures to ensure consistent and reliable manufacturing of every FUSE vector. The modular vector design allows for flexibility in customization with a multitude of therapeutic payloads and enabling rapid adaptation to evolving cancer targets and patient needs, while also sensitizing tumors to other immunotherapies through the unique mechanism of action. Efficacy of the platform has already been demonstrated preclinically in mulitple predictive solid tumor models, cell lines and primary patient-derived organoids, including those derived from liver, pancreatic, lung and breast cancers.
With these key features, InFUSE™ is a versatile and potent platform that will revolutionize immunotherapy by fighting cancer through fusion.

Growing Pipeline based on the InFUSE™ Platform

Operating at the forefront of innovation in cancer immunotherapy, the Fusix team has built a growing portfolio of next-generation oncolytic viruses based on the best-in-class InFUSE™ platform, leveraging cutting edge insights at the cross-section of virology, immmunology and molecular oncology. This diverse pipeline can be optimized for specific cancer indications and patient subtypes for diverse development opportunities.

Looking ahead, Fusix Biotech is committed to advancing the frontiers of cancer immunotherapy through ongoing research and development efforts. We envision an R&D pipeline including the development of indication-targeted constructs, vectors containing novel therapeutic cargo, companion diagnostics, and combination therapies. To achieve this, we welcome opportunities to partner with industry leaders or academic institutions to accelerate these advancements and maximize the impact of our therapies. We also offer potential out-licensing and investment opportunities. Contact us for more information.


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