About Fusix Biotech

Fusix Biotech is a pioneering biotechnology company founded by four passionate scientists with a shared vision to revolutionize cancer treatment by fighting cancer through fusion. With backgrounds in molecular biology, virology, immunology, and oncology, our founders bring a wealth of scientific expertise and a deep understanding of the complexities of cancer biology to the forefront of our mission. Our expertise also covers clinical development, vaccine manufacturing, and commercialization.

At Fusix Biotech, we believe in the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork. Our founding scientists are supported by a strong scientific and entrepreneurial network, including experts from diverse backgrounds, including clinical oncology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, business development, and regulatory affairs. This collaborative approach allows us to leverage a wide range of perspectives and skills, driving innovation and accelerating the development of our groundbreaking therapy. We are supported by an interdisciplinary team of scientists with a shared passion for providing safe and effective therapies for cancer patients.

We work in close collaboration with the University Hospital rechts der Isar of the Technical University Munich (TUM), where our research and development efforts are supported and we have access to cutting-edge facilities. We receive entrepreneurial support from TUM and TUM Venture Labs Healthcare. This partnership enables us to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and clinical application, ensuring that our therapies and business strategies are rigorously tested and optimized for real-world effectiveness.

Klinikum rechts der Isar is the university hospital of the Technical University Munich (TUM), and provides the ideal setting in which to offer the best possible standards of university-based medical care. It is also a leading institution for research of innovative diagnostics and cutting edge therapeutics. Modern, advanced medicine could hardly find a better home.

Meet our Management Team

Fusix Biotech GmbH is a Munich based start-up founded in 2022. The management team is comprised of the four visionary founders who bring a wealth of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to Fusix Biotech. With years of experience in oncolytic virus and cancer research PD Dr. Jennifer Altomonte leads our efforts in driving innovation, advancing research and shaping the future of cancer immunotherapy. Together, our management team is united by a shared commitment to advancing cancer care and making a meaningful difference in the lives of cancer patients worldwide.

As Fusix Biotech continues to grow and expand, we recognize the importance of adding business expertise to our management team and join our fight against cancer through fusion. We are looking forward to including individuals with proven experience in areas such as corporate strategy, finance, and commercialization to complement our scientific leadership and drive the commercial success of our innovative therapy.


Pre-seed Funding


M4 Award

With the support of pre-seed funding, we have been able to de-risk our platform, establish proof-of-concept in preclinical models, and lay the foundation for manufacturing of our innovative therapy.

  1. De-Risking the Platform: Turning Vision into Reality
    Pre-seed funding has enabled us to de-risk our platform by conducting rigorous scientific research and validation studies. Through meticulous experimentation and data analysis, we have gained valuable insights into the mechanism of action of our oncolytic virus platform, InFUSE. This foundational work has not only validate the scientific principles underlying our technology, but has also identified key milestones and potential challenges on the path to clinical translation.

  2. Establishing Proof of Concept in Preclinical Models
    With the support of pre-seed funding we have been able to demonstrate proof of concept for InFUSE in preclinical models of liver cancer. Through a series of in vitro and in vivo studies, we have shown the efficacy and safety of our oncolytic platform in selectively targeting and destroying cancer cells while sparing healthy tissues. These compelling preclinical data provide strong evidence of the therapeutic potential of InFUSE and form the basis for advancing into clinical trials.

  3. Setting up Manufacturing: Building the Foundation for Scale
    In addition to de-risking our platform and demonstrating efficacy and safety in preclinical models, pre-seed funding has allowed us to initiate the development of manufacturing processes. Thereby, we are laying the foundation for scalable production of InFUSE and ensuring that our therapies can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively to meet the needs of patients worldwide.

Investment Opportunity: Seed/Series A

As we continue to progress towards clinical translation and commercialization, we are looking for investors that share our vision and believe in the potential of our technology to transform cancer immunotherapy. Fusix Biotech is currently seeking investors to support drug manufacturing and clinical development of a lead drug candidate. Join our passionate team of experts in developing a best-in-class immunotherapy platform that will revolutionize patient care, by bringing safe, effective, and accessible therapies for patients in need.

Expanding our Network for Greater Impact

Fusix Biotech is pursuing strategic value-adding partnerships with industry leaders in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies that drive our mission forward as we continue to advance our pipeline and move towards commercialization. We aim to compliment their portfolios and accelerate the clinical and commercial development of the Fusix technology. By joining forces with established companies that share our commitment to advancing cancer immunotherapy, we can access resources, expertise, and infrastructure to expedite the development, manufacturing, and distribution of our therapies. Through strategic alliances we aim to maximize the reach and impact of our innovative treatment and bring them to market more efficiently and effectively.

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